Bring Good Energy Into Your Home This Fall

October 30, 2014 Vicki No comments exist

images-34The air around us is becoming cool. Twilight beckons earlier. Leaves are changing to brilliant colors. Rustling leaves are covering sidewalks and yards. The fragrance of burning fireplaces fill the night sky. Bulky, cozy blankets are laying around the house. It must be Fall, being the gorgeous season she is, presents you enormous opportunities to reconnect with nature.

This is the chance to bring nature inside your homes because when your environment is surrounded by things with good energy, you pull better circumstances into your lives. So, with fall taking the spotlight, take advantage of it before it is gone to soak up her good tidings.


By displaying plump pumpkins around your home may bring good luck in attracting material goods and wealth. Pumpkins are also revered as protection against negative energy, so place a few by the front door. While on the subject of fruit, apples are a sign of peace. Fill a bowl with them and place them on the kitchen table. Be inspired by fall’s cornucopia – gourds, pinecones, and acorns – and incorporate what you love. It all represents good health and a long life.


Look outside – nature is wearing a variety of hues. Be inspired and switch out summer colors with cascading fall tones. Orange is a social color that bolsters lively conversation. Red is seen as healthy and abundant, so it is an excellent choice around your front door. Yellows and browns summon an earthy vibe that harnesses grounding, comforting energy in your home.


Yellow mums, symbolic of fall, signify gratitude. So, if you are a guest at someone’s table this season, a fresh yellow mum or any plant is a perfect gift. Once outside temps drop, you will cocoon inside more and household plants natually remove indoor toxins and purifies the air, dispensing plenty of healthy breathing space for everyone.


As you transition through seasons, rituals can help integrate structure and comfort amid the whirlwind of activities. Keep leaves swept away keeping the pathway both outside and inside the entryway inviting. Light candles or fill lanterns with twinkling lights to duplicate the aura of dusk. Open windows and let cool fresh crisp air in. By caring for your space, it  stimulates fueling energy so it circulates within your home and lives fully.


Prepare for fall festivities and feasts. The kitchen is symbolic of wealth, and it’s where your family and friends natually gather for meals, games, and conversation. Inviting your loved ones into your home for food and nourishment is a delightful way to stoke prosperity. The notion is if you are blessed to feed many mouths, you are already wealthy. When love is gathered under one roof, it leaves a jubilant residue.


Stand in the sun and absorb its warmth and good vitamin D. Let the cold air bite your cheeks. Listen to the birds, crickets, or harvest wind – whatever seasonal sounds surround you. Begin a day with a few minutes i the sunlight, and honor its end by soaking up some moonlight. You are a powerful source of energy in your home. When your energy is renewed, you become a relentless life force for good.

Fall offers us a multitude of authentic delights that carry restorative power. So, as the season lights up wherever you are, stitch her grandeur into your space and give yourself that warm welcome all season long. Autumn bears a lot of options – so if something draws you into delicious delight, consider yourself in the company of some seriously good energy.


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