Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle is a Process

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One of the reasons that many people give up on new goals is because they try to make too big of a change too quickly. When thinking about making your life healthier, start small and think about adding new goals to your repertoire rather than taking familiar habits away. Love pasta? Maybe switch it up this week with whole wheat or brown rice pasta with some arugula and sun dried tomatoes. Crave something sweet in the mornings? Try a smoothie with vanilla almond milk, frozen banana, fresh spinach, and some hemp protein power.  Tend to overeat at dinnertime? Start off your meal with a colorful salad or a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and you’ll be able to increase your vegetable intake while cutting back on the main course.  Small changes add up over time, so keep it simple and manageable.


It’s always easier (and more enjoyable!) when we try something new with a buddy. Enlist the support of a friend or family member and help each other to make healthier changes. Swap recipes, try out new restaurants together, or send each other home with leftovers from healthy dinners. Having a “health coach” can also help you to feel supported in your decision to eat healthier and stay on track.


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