Kitchen & Pantry Makeover




Whether you are looking to lose weight, or simply to improve your overall health and well-being, you need to start in the kitchen! While I believe in eating for pleasure, it can be hard to create healthy habits when the chips, cookies and crackers are beckoning you from the kitchen cabinets.








Allow me to come into your home and rid your pantry, fridge and freezer of the unhealthy processed foods that are tripping you up, help you shop for better options and reorganize your kitchen in a way that will help you prepare simple, healthy, nutritious meals.




Kitchen Pantry Clean-Out includes…

1-2 hour in-home visit

Together we will:

Turn your eating and cooking space from junky to healthy through assessing your pantry, fridge and freezer of fake, unhealthy and nutrient deficient foods

Discuss basic nutrition, ingredients, and labels

Create a healthy grocery list aimed at returning great variety and satisfaction $25.00 an hour


Schedule your very own kitchen makeover!