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images6 Reasons You Should Have a Health Coach

Sometimes it seems like there is a chasm between knowing what we should do for our health and actually doing it. We all know by now that we need to eat mostly vegetables and get plenty of exercise to be healthy. But discovering exactly what foods and what types of exercise are most beneficial to use can take more information and experience than we might possess.

This is where professionals like myself come in. Just like you would hire a painter for your house or a plumber to fix leaky pipes, so would you, be served by a professional health coach to help you overhaul your lifestyle.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Vicki Seeger and I am a Board Certified Integrative Health Coach. I received my certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners and also have a BA.Ed degree. I am a lover of smoothies, real food, photography, painting and nature.

Here are a few specific reasons you may want to
seek out the services of a health coach.


How many times have you made New Year’s health resolutions you were certain you would keep, only to find yourself firmly planted on the couch come February? Sometimes it is a lot easier to follow through on our goals when we have someone measuring our progress and helping us stay on track.

In a study at Duke University, diabetics who had the support of a health coach were much more likely to take their medications on schedule, control their blood sugar levels, and exercise regularly than the people who did not have coaches.

Identify Underlying Issues

We can attempt all the surface changes we like, but if we do not identify and transform the root causes of our behaviors, nothing will change for the long term. A coach can help us identify the physical and emotional causes of self-sabotaging behaviors.

While health coaching is not the same thing as therapy, many coaches use the wisdom of psychotherapy and/or mindfulness practices to help us see our motivations, desires, expectations, and needs more clearly. Once you know why you do something that hurts you or resist something that would be beneficial, it becomes easier to take steps that will shift those patterns.

Make More Time

Sometimes just having enough time to exercise or prepare a healthy meal seems impossible, let alone trying to figure out what workout to do that day or which meal is best. Working with a health coach actually makes more time in your days, because he or she can give you appropriate menus, exercise schedules, and other health management tools. This will empower you to make the most of the time you have.

A health coach will also help you break your goals into manageable steps. So rather than getting overwhelmed by vague ideas like “lose 20 pounds” or “eat healthier,” you can work with short-term specifics that are more easily achieved, like ” burn an extra 100 calories each day by doing 50 jumping jacks” or “eat fruit instead of a sugary dessert six days per week.”

Role Model

Until we see someone else do something amazing, we may not know that we are also capable of such a feat. One of the most powerful ways that human beings learn is through mirror neurons. When we watch a musician play a complicated piece of music or an athlete push the edges of physical prowess, we are more likely to be able to something similar ourselves.

This means that having a real live person as an example helps us expand. Many health coaches have overcome their own challenges through perseverance and dedication. Just being around a person like that can inspire our own transformation. Having a health coach as a role model can help us overcome inertia, build motivation, and integrate sustainable change.

Have Someone to Hold Your Hand

Making lasting, systemic change is hard. We need people by our side. Football players have cheerleaders to help them charge those last few feet to victory. A health coach is like cheerleader that knows what plays will help you win the game of life.


Learn What Will Actually Work for You

You can tool around the Internet for hours looking up different workout routines and eating plans that worked for other people. But it can be impossible to discover what will actually be effective for you. We each have unique body types, constitutions, medical backgrounds, budgets, cravings, and needs.

A health coach has the training and experience to synthesize all of the information about your metabolism, preferences, history, and goals, and craft achievable steps that are actually appropriate to you.

As health coaches come in many stripes and styles, it is important to find an experienced coach who truly resonates with you. Your coach should be able to speak a language you understand, and work with you in a way that is positive, inspiring, and helps you progress.

Working with a health coach can help you make achievable, lasting, systemic change in your body and life. He or she can help you be accountable, and give you tools and information that is truly appropriate for you and your goals. A professional coach can make your dreams of becoming healthier achievable.

My approach to living a healthy lifestyle is is holistic, which means I believe it is more than just the foods we are putting in our bodies that contribute to our health. It is our lifestyle, environment, physical activity, spirituality, relationships, creativity and mindset as well. As a health coach, my desire is to help people with living a practical and healthy lifestyle where I teach, encourage and motivate them how to manage and maintain their stress, their weight  and hold them accountable to commit to the version of themselves that is 100% in their power. I understand that everyone has different needs and I am here to help “YOU” create a completely personalized “roadmap to health”.


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